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I just turned 28 and I have been a member for two months now. On behalf of myself and my wife of 4 years, thank you! I have stronger erections (I have been impotent since age 22) and I have gained over an inch and a half with your program. I am really a new man! Amazing. Thank you so much!!!
~ Karl

I was very skeptical about this program when my husband first started using it. I liked him the way he was. After a few weeks though, he started to change, not just the increase in his penis size, but he is more confident and has more self esteem which affected every aspect of our lives, he has advance in his career, he is better father and a better husband. Plus our sex life is incredible. Thank you!
~ Michelle

Hi I am 21 and I have been using this program for like 2 months and I started with the old manual jelq but now have used the new manual exercise 1 and it works great! I thank the site, I have gained one full inch length and one inch girth doing once a day five times a week! amazing! Thanks for your help!
~ Jackson

Hi! I wanted to write and say THANKS! Not only have I gained about 3/4 of an inch within the first month, but I have noticed that the head of my penis is HUGE now. My wife enjoys sex a lot more! ...I never thought this would work. please let me know what you think, I have attached pictures for you to look at, and maybe use on the site. By the way I have gained over 1 inch in WIDTH too! thanks!.
~ Peter

September 6th my penis was measured at 6.5" and now this afternoon after I have done that 2 hand lengthening technique the night before I just got done measuring it and it towered at 7.25...wow the techniques in your research actually work. ...I am excited and will continue the exercises..
~ Jim

I started using the Large Penis techniques in your manual about 4 times a week. In about 2 weeks, my penis started grow larger. My partner took notice before I did. Three months later my penis has grown 2 inches in length and is much thicker than ever before. I thank you so much for making these techniques available to me. THANKS!
~ Bob

I went from 6 inches to 7 inches, and can now release orgasms that cover my partners!" Thank you Large Penis.
~ Mike

I 've been using the techniques in your Large Penis Manual and it works great. I've grown a full inch and a half in length and about an inch in width so far. Thank you so much for the techniques described in your manual!
~ Kevin

"I have been using your program for three months and everything you say is true, It is quite amazing. I've grown 2 inches and no longer have trouble finding dates. Thanks."
~ Devon